Day 17: Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi, India

A boat ride to Aleppy and bumpy public bus brings us back to the outskirts of Fort Kochi and the White Rose Hotel, a more basic affair than any of our previous lodgings, but conveniently central. Mid-afternoon many cafés and shops are closed early for Xmas. The heat is stifling and I’m still weary with fever. I could happily spend the day dozing under a fan.
Author and Vini

In the evening the town perks up with trees festooned with lights and illuminated stars on most buildings. Crowds have descended on Fort Kochi for the holidays, to snack and to shop. A group farewell dinner – Christmas dinner- at Fusion Bay is low-key with the group now half its original size and most of us tired from our exploits and fevers. Though I barely touch my okra curry, I am in no way missing roast and all the trimmings.

Return transport


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